Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snow bikin'!

 Lane stepped it up last night with Kendell & got some snowy, fun riding in. They left at dusk & returned in darkness, I believe they got first tracks in our "Sandhills powder", around 12 miles.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Stairway to basement...DONE!

I had to rebuild the steps so they can roll the carpeting over them as well as fill in the back of each step. Then came the tongue & groove carsiding up the sides of the walls, LOTS of cutting & measuring involved with THAT!


Sunday, February 8, 2009


 Trying to get back to the daily dog rides with Tate as we missed a few in Jan. between basement work, weather & lack of motivation on my part, Tate's always up for a bike ride though, even in inclement weather.

 Shadow rider!

 We're so fortunate to have miles & miles of this canal system to ride along, well maintained & virtually zero traffic until the fish start biting. I'm not positive but I think this canal runs from Lake McConaughy, north of Ogallala to Johnson Lake south of Lexington (I've only rode it from Lake Mac to Lake Maloney south of North Platte) perhaps some day when I get my dream adventure bike I will set out & explore it in it's entirety. 

 Spring is coming & I can't wait to get out there & do some 2-wheeled exploring, I've got some crazy ideas I want to try to get in this year with a bike & some lightweight camping gear as well as a one full day ride with friends followed by a smoker full of pork, slaw, beans &  a large washtub full of ice & beer, more details to come on that one but I will say it will be an open invitation for anyone who wants to have some fun on a bike on backroads with like-minded individuals. Now get out there on a bike & do your own kind of exploring, it's GREAT!

It's in the bag!

 Canada goose season ended last Friday, this was the fruits of labor by oldest son Delley (on the far right) & his hunting comrades the week before, they spent the entire day in a pit blind that has plumbing, electricity, kitchen & a flat-screen just in case the geese aren't flying, no wonder it took all day to limit out! Now it's Snow Goose season, he went out today, no luck.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ridin' the Storm out!

 The most excitement we've had lately besides working on the basement was a Tri-City Storm hockey game last Friday night in Kearney for Jessie's birthday. They played the Lincoln Stars & got their butts kicked 6 to 2, we're not hockey fans but we've been hitting one a year for awhile now cause they're just too much fun!

 Youngest daughter Olivia found the Storm cheerleaders to pose with!

As well as Stormy the mascot.

My folks met us and this was their first hockey game ever, just proves it never hurts to try new things besides rodeo's, stock shows, horse sales, ropings & fairs!

Let's face it, this is probably the real reason most folks go to hockey games, gloves & helmets off, sticks thrown down, LET'S RUMBLE!!!