Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's coming...

...October 9,10, 11 Potter's Pasture near Brady, NE, Demo 29" wheeled bicycles on some of Nebraska's most challenging MTB trails, enjoy wine, pizza, beer, music & cookouts around the campfire with like-minded people as well as some music. Don't have a 29" wheeled mt bike? Don't worry about it, just run what ya brung & ride a bike & put a smile on your face, believe me, IT WORKS! Check out more details at

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday gravel tour

Crossing I-80, cars r coffins!

a little cyclocross barrier here with the depths of the South Platte acting as a water hazard if you mess up!

climbing north out of the South Platte river valley

approaching thunderstorm from the west, hope I can beat it home!
North Platte river valley right down that hill

A steep descent and a hard right will take me...

...right back on the canal road to head east for home

Squeeky old windmill

local cow crossing

This is a neat, old, HUGE cottonwood tree along the route and back there on the left is an old schoolhouse, every time I ride by here I can't help but wonder how many school kids may have tried to sneak off to try and climb this tree during recess and hide from a teacher.
Lightning struck it a few years back and took the big limb down to the right of the main trunk, but luckily it survived, I'd love to know how old this tree is. Hit both river vallies, 92 o/o gravel and 23 miles total, nice little ride indeed.