Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where did March go?

WOW! Been a long time since an update, let's see, work, work & work. Bike riding miles, I've broke down & got the skinny tires out to actually get some real base miles in & it's working, been awhile since I rode on the pavement, not my favorite form of riding but certain aspects are fun.

We got through Prom 2010, up for 23 hours as sponsors again & I'm getting WAY to old for THAT! Also got through the first track meet of the season last Saturday, howling wind from the north, typical track weather for this time of year.

Another long night was last Tuesday down at the Windy Gap when the Lucas Cates Band rolled into town to play a gig, if you've never heard of this band, trust me, YOU WILL! They're playing a western US tour & will be back through here to play on a Sunday night, April 18, that will be another long night I'm sure, it's great that these guys take the time to stop & play in our one-horse town, they've become almost like family to us.

Also 5 Trails Winery will have an act on April 6 I believe from Ireland, don't know how we get all this culture to show up here anyways but it's COOL! Also have the spring Potter's Pasture blowout coming up the weekend of 17-18th of April, man, could anything else be going on? OH YEAH, my oldest son's back to chasing turkies AND his graduation from high school is in May, ok, THAT'S ENOUGH!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dreams do come true!

Soon, I'll be able to "go far"!
Thanks to my good buddy MG for hooking me up