Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Potter's Pasture Spring 2010 gathering

It was a great weekend to set up camp at Potter's Pasture to get in some riding, socializing, cooking over a fire & having a few cold brews.

It got a little chilly so it was nice having a furry tent mate!
Tate the pint-sized pointer & an old grey coyote greeting the morning

A Potter's Pasture virgin on the left, Paul "the Furnaceman" Siebert was doing
GREAT for his first time out singletracking on a singlespeed no less. Besides being able to rip it on a mt bike Paul can keep the tunes flowing for an entire night around a campfire, check him out www.paulsiebert.net & as usual, Lane on the right was ripping up the trails, "cross style" this time out!

Looking back down in the valley this is Horse Shoe trail

And how appropriate is this...there is now a church pew on top of Church Grove trail

A pew with a view!

the legendary Mr. Potter (second from left) is the current caretaker of this GREAT place to camp, ride & hang out with friends & I think all who attend are grateful for his contributions as I don't think mountain biking in western Nebraska would be the same without Potter's Pasture, come & check it out sometime & I'm sure you to will have a big old smile on your face like everyone else does after spending a day out there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Potter's Pasture Spring Campout

This weekend, April 16.17 & 18 bring a bike to ride trails with like-minded individuals, bring some favorite beverages for around the fire, potluck cookout on Saturday night, I've even heard rumors of a musician being there for part of it. Bring a tent, sleeping bag, camper or whatever you roll & show up & HAVE FUN! Check out more details on how to get there at www.potterspasturemtb.blogspot.com or the Cycle Sport facebook page.