Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tis' the season to RUN!

 First track meet of the year for Lane & he delivered the goods by bringing 2 medals home, one in the 1600 meter run & the other in the 1600 meter relay, I think riding his bike in the hills during the winter is paying off!

You don't see this everyday!

 But my daughter & I did a month or so ago on a trip to Holdredge & back one Sunday afternoon, was east of Elwood & it was one of the old school mopeds with somewhat "apehanger" handlebars, sure made us laugh for the next 20 miles!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

All dressed up...

  And someplace to go, 2009 Prom to be exact, what a weekend, up for 22 hours straight for me & I'm not even a kid! 

 Our prom crew Lane, Dakota & Delley ready to put on the ritz for the night.  Two tux rentals & a prom dress would have been a nice down payment for my dream bike but these memories will last way longer than any bike or bike ride for that matter, I wouldn't miss these years for nothing!
Oldest son Delley & his prom date Stephanie from North Platte.

 Freshman son Lane & his date Paige from Lincoln.

The lovely Dakota & her boyfriend Tayler from Ogallala, once again she's a "Belle of the Ball"

This is the girl Lane wanted to take, another Taylor but unfortunately she's not a freshman yet.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blue sky & skinny tires

 That's what was on today's menu before heading to the basement for a little more drywalling around the shower & ceiling.

 Unfortunately  I was following "Lane the Train" who is already one week into his track practice regime  & he was eager to put the hurt on his old man, that & the fact I don't think I've rode the skinny tires since end of last summer or early fall, I've actually kind of missed them & will try to get more miles in on them this year. Was a GREAT ride despite going into a strong head wind on the way out,  but we big ringed it coming back & sailed home.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Game on...AGAIN!

With Canada Goose season a past memory for oldest son Delley it's now game on for the migrating Snow Goose or Sky Carp as I like to call them. He's been out the last two weekends with our neighbor Jim & his son Riley for plenty of success. Today yielded around  two dozen with two Blues, a few Ross' & a special Snow Goose that was leg & neck banded, pretty good day I would say!

  Did I mention there is NO LIMIT on these birds? I'm guessing  a lot of goose jerky will be made in the near future in our house!

Lots of bike riding in my future?

  I think so as this basement project is in the home stretch! These shots were last week, since then the carpeting has been laid, some baseboard installed & a couple pieces of furniture hauled down. I have a little bit of ceiling to finish above the stairway, more trim work, new window to install & hang drywall on the bathroom ceiling, then Jessie will work her magic with the taping, mudding, sanding, priming, painting & tile work, she says I can go ride my bike while she does all that, THANK YOU!

  The unicycling worked great until the carpet was laid.