Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blue sky & skinny tires

 That's what was on today's menu before heading to the basement for a little more drywalling around the shower & ceiling.

 Unfortunately  I was following "Lane the Train" who is already one week into his track practice regime  & he was eager to put the hurt on his old man, that & the fact I don't think I've rode the skinny tires since end of last summer or early fall, I've actually kind of missed them & will try to get more miles in on them this year. Was a GREAT ride despite going into a strong head wind on the way out,  but we big ringed it coming back & sailed home.

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Deadhead said...

Ah, the open road and all those gears to mash on. I like it! Now if we could just catch the Pixie in miles and Lane on the bike all would be good.