Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hobo Camp pizzaria

the temps here have been balmy for November so what's a bike rider to do? Leave work early & RIDE OF COURSE! That's what I did last Friday, leaving home at 2:30 pm & returning home under a full moon well after dark thirty

another sentinel of the plains

the cyclocross barrier across the dam has an addition that will make it a bit easier to cross from now on, HOWEVER...it's not Woodchipper handle bar friendly, just a bit to narrow!

the South Platte river has got good flow for this time of year

this herd of mule deer checked me out on my way through a cow pasture

the descent was great til the end where it turned to sand & I had to walk it a ways then get off in the grass to ride into the canyon to...

...HOBO CAMP! First visit to the hobo camp on the Fargo so it was necessary to celebrate the monumental event with...


mmm, mmm, GOOD! Beats the hell out of Cliff bars & Powerade!

so here's the deal, camp stove pizzas, you need a cheap, little skillet from Wallyworld, camp stove, the spatula is a luxury (I've gotten by with a pocket knife), a piece of tin foil to keep some heat in like a lid & the key to success is that canning jar ring in the skillet to raise the pizza up a bit so it doesn't burn the middle of the crust, especially with the MSR pocket rocket where the heat is mainly right in the middle of the burner.

I use Momma Mary's pre-made pizza crusts (7") & also Momma Mary's pepperoni & tomato sauce in 2-3 oz. packets, smear a little olive oil on both sides of the crust, spread the sauce, pepperonis, grated mozzarella cheese, sun dried tomatoes & I carry a small spice container with a mix of garlic powder, italian seasoning & crushed red pepper flakes. Move the skillet around from time to time to even the heat out but generally in about 7-10 min you have a dang fine mid-bike ride snack, I know a little more to pack & prepare but I'm into this type of fun!

with the pizza & beer devoured it was time to pack up & head out of hobo camp in time to see the full moon rise & have one of the better night rides I've ever had 15 miles back to home!

this is what's it's about for me, getting out on a backroad route, no cars, no i-pod, no hurry & no real agenda, just getting out on the bike & experimenting & having fun, stopping for pizza just made this ride more enjoyable & riding home in total darkness & solitude listening to the coyotes may not be for everyone but it sure was an enjoyable time for me, get out there & try something out of the ordinary & see what you'll find, if it's on a bike chances are it will be GREAT!