Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Great White Buffalo

just an evening cruise down some familiar gravel for some more windmill shots

some dirt road goodness

followed by yet another windmill with some local occupants

I turned off to get the Fargo in it's element

and low & behold...what's that up the hill in the middle of nowhere? elusive cave in the middle of a hill!

this has me thinking about Uncle Tupelo's song, "I am a...moonshiner" wether it was ever used for this or not, it's a cool notion

looking east from the cave is another squeaky sentinel of the plains

a most excellent platform for these little forays into the hills!

a few gnarly trees around here seem to be clinging to a harsh life here in the buffalo trace

they don't seem to be holding up as well as the windmills

it's been a rough life for them between the wind, elements & many cows rubbing on them over the years

this buffalo trace "blowout" has become a mystical somewhat spiritual place for me to visit, really makes my mind wander

"I said above the canyon wall, strong eyes did see, it was the leader of them all baby, THE GREAT WHITE BUFFALO"

full moon a rising over the plains...I'll be back!