Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Farmers Valley 5-0 "Mayors Cup" ride

back on Sept 10 my good buddy Paul "the Furnaceman" Siebert hit a milestone by turning 50 & since he just got into cycling again a couple years ago his goal was to ride a 50 miler on the road on this day, well, long story short his cycling has taken off a little more than most so we decided a 50 miler on gravel back in our home country where we both grew up would be a good time & it sure was!

this was our first stop after leaving Paul's cabin at 6 am after a late night of PBR's & Buffalo Trace bourbon, this is the Lushton cemetery, exactly a mile east of this cemetery is where I grew up, my folks still live there on the home place & they both just turned 80 years young!

the riders of the day were the honored birthday boy Paul "Mayor of Farmers Valley" on the left, Chad Q from G-Burg, myself from Paxton & Harry from Aurora, NE

All roads lead to Grafton, NE for a mid morning break of jerky, donuts & Bud heavy, Paul & Chad were rocking single speeds for the ride

the historic Farmers Valley cemetery located along the Blue River, Civil War veterans as well as settlers killed by Indians & a state senator are resting here forever, well worth a field trip but even more fun when arriving on bikes with good friends

the mayors cabin was an excellent base station for staging this ride & there have been many memories made in this cabin over the years & many more to come!

my Salsa Fargo was once again a very good platform for this ride, it glides down the gravel & eats up the dirt roads & I even found myself veering off the road a time or two to to hit the ditch for the heck of it!

the historic name bridge in Fillmore Co. the memories of this place run deep for me in so many ways, it was a must stop & see!

at the end of the day we shared some Ranger beer with the cabin gator & packed up & headed to Giltner, NE for the birthday bash wrap up at the Sit n Bull Saloon were we enjoyed more cool beverages, HUGE, homemade pizzas, cupcakes & live music, a perfect way to wrap up a 50th birthday bash!

I want to thank Paul for dreaming up his own birthday ride/party & for Chad & Harry for riding along & sharing in on a most enjoyable day spent on the bike, so many memories for Paul & I as every road we rode there was a story to tell, I can't think of a better way to spend the big 5-0 birthday!