Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Turkey time!

 Delley got his first turkey of the season Sunday afternoon, just a jake but will be good eating, he's now working on getting another one.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny found us...

 In Lincoln!

He hid eggs in Grandma's yard so the kids found them under the watchful eye of Tate,

 then I chased him back out of town through the enchanted forest,

 and down some SWEET singletrack,

 wore me out so I had to stop & take a break on the bridge, Wilderness Park  is a BLAST, wish I got down there more to ride it, I'll be back to chase the rabbit again, meanwhile get out & ride a bike folks, it's GOOD STUFF!

This project is rounding home base!

 Sink, vanity, mirror & light

 The throne & shower highlighting tile work by Jessie, she did all this in 3 nights after working all day, yes, she needs a Wonder Woman outfit!

 A shot of the family room & the flat screen mounted. I've got some trimwork & baseboard to do & it's officially DONE, YEEHAW! 

Let there be LIGHT!

Broke down & got the Niterider Minewt X2 light, 7 hrs run time on low, 3.5 hrs on  high with a 4 hour charge time, had one car flash me the brights the first night out.
 Kendell taking the lead through Graffiti tunnel in his reflective skeleton suit!
 SWEEET! The headlamp wasn't even turned on this time but will still be a backup for looking   at the computer & for beer stops. It was 24 degrees when we got back into town at 11:00 pm.