Monday, December 29, 2008

Mixing up the game bag

The boys decided to mix it up a bit this weekend & bring a different variety of fowl home besides duck & goose. Son Delley, his buddy Justin, son Lane & Tate the "pint- sized pointer" with some pheasants & a quail they bagged down by Imperial, NE.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hardcore or CRAAAZY?

You decide, it was a balmy 15 degrees for the Wine & Gravel ride but the show must go on! A few brave souls decided it was a good idea. From left, Kendell, Patty, Lane, the Paxton Coyote & his better half Jessie

Jessie cresting the big hill north of town, Patty bringing up the rear in the background.

Just a little additive to keep the motor from gelling up, enjoyed in MODERATION of course!

Choose your path carefully kids, it's a long, icy descent at 30 mph!

Back into town & the sign says it best, BRRR!

We may have to talk to the proprietors of 5 Trails Winery about some bicycle parking as I'm pretty sure there will be many more rides in the future that end up there.

Finally arrived & enjoying the warmth of some fine wine & fellowship with friends, mother-in-law Allie on the left was our SAG driver & photographer, was a nice little ride despite the temps & road conditions, any day that a bike can be rode is a good one for me!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Culture in a small town

 It's crazy that a small town like ours can support 3 bars but now they have some culture to compete with in the form of a brand new winery. Welcome 5 Trails Winery! It's amazing what a very old building has been transformed into, VERY NICE & a welcomed change of pace in a small town such as ours!

 To help celebrate this culture coming to town & have an enjoyable afternoon with friends we'll be hosting a Wine & Gravel Ride December 21 at 2 pm MT, meet up to ride 15 miles of gravel despite the weather then go to the winery for a tasting & some fellowship. If you don't want to ride then you can meet up with us there.


Back in the blind!

 Another day of hunting for Delley & "Critter Gitter"  We will definitely have "Christmas Goose" this year.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Father son time!

 Today was spent with youngest son Lane out at Potters Pasture for a day of mountain biking, some GREAT memories made today, nice when we got there but turned cold & blustery about halfway through,  got around 10 miles in, legs felt a little heavy by the end pushing my 32/18 gearing, didn't phase the youngster though, he just kept climbing & climbing & climbing...same gearing...ah...YOUTH!

Break time on a sunny, southern slope

Wonder if I'll EVER be able to beat this guy?

Potter's  version of Joe's out at Fruita, I love this trail down the exposed spline.

DON'T try this at home kids!

Yeah, Lane does his own stunts!


I believe the smiles on this kid's face are two-wheeled induced, he has 3 bicycles, one unicycle, one skateboard and no X box, Playstation or wii, some may say, poor kid, I say LUCKY bugger! The smiles definitely rub off on me to  when I'm riding a bike, regardless if it's fat tires, skinny tires, dirt trails, gravel roads or asphalt highways and it's even better when shared with family and like-minded friends. Go ride a bike and let the SMILES begin!

Got goose!

 Oldest son Delley & his Benelli, dubbed the "Critter Gitter" were back out again waaay before daylight at the west end of Lake McConaughy to bring home the Christmas goose, he succeeded! Ultimately these will be turned into our new favorite...Jambalaya!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Summer '08 memories

 With one light snow already, bare trees, chilling northwest winds, it's time to reflect on another great summer of riding with friends and family along with a few bbq sessions and a Labor Day trip to Spearfish, SD for a little one day mtb race, can't wait to do it again next year, until then, it's time to winterize the bike riding style, wool and Carhartts!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spirit of the Wild!

 Besides cycling out west, there is some some prime hunting out here and this time of year it's not uncommon to go down town for a bite and a brew and be surrounded by guys wearing blaze orange and camo. My oldest son has traded in his Gary Fisher for a Benelli and much like Squirrel from Dead Moines or the Nuge from the Motor City, he has the Spirit of the Wild inside of him!

 He's keeping it real with buddies leaving the house at 4 am and coming home with ducks and venison backstraps, 100% organic eats here that's good for the soul! These pics are the results of today's hunt, morning and evening, his mom must have taught him the multi tasking!

One year ago...

 That's when we brought our new edition home, Tate. What a wonder dog!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back in the saddle again!

 Another beautiful fall day of backroad gravel grinding! Not as nice weather as last weekend but GREAT riding weather just the same.

 Little pink houses for you and me....ohhhh for you and me!

Just crossed the North Platte river, headed north towards the Sandhills.

They don't build em like that anymore!


Platte River prairie sunset

 Perfect ending to another perfect ride. To think some folks spend these Sundays on the couch channel surfing NFL... what a waste! Get out and ride a bike folks, it's ALL GREAT!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a dog's life!

I've heard the term often but I have to wonder what is meant by it, I guess it depends on the dog we're talking about. In this case it's our dog Tate. Our "pint sized pointer" is a Brittney and the perfect cycling companion for a daily 5-6 mile ride before work. He's convinced me to ride when others couldn't, as many as 110 days straight in fact before taking a one day break on a very rainy day.

 His hobbies include pointing birds, treeing squirrels, sniffing roadkill, making restrained dogs jealous and running alongside my singlespeed bike. He's truly a character and keeps the family entertained on a daily basis. If I had to live "a dog's life" I'd want Tate's for sure!

Scouting for birds and critters off our deck.

You know what they say about athletes, lots of good rest. Post-ride nap time.

  Yeah, he's got his own Cars R Coffins waterbottle!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Indian summer ride

Not often you get to ride a bike in 70 degree weather in Nebraska in November, but I took advantage of it and got almost 60 miles in today, mostly gravel, about 25 miles following a major canal system that feeds water to a major power plant.

  The power plant is HUGE and can be seen for miles away, a sure landmark to use and not get lost if your not a local. One shot heading east, the other one looking back west.

  Pretty fancy sign for poor old dirt farmers!

   Finally heading into some scenic country here, dropping down the road to Birdwood  Creek.

   This is a clear, fast running stream that originates clear up in the middle of the sandhills as a natural spring. It then feeds into the North Platte river.

  A few locals were out wondering exactly what I was up to.

  This is a really neat road any time of the year.

 This bridge is one of only 2 left in the state, sadly it's scheduled to be demolished in '09 and replaced, we ride road bikes over it a lot and go 20 miles north into the sandhills, I thought I should get some photos while I still can.

  It's getting late, sun is setting, what a beautiful day to be out on a bike!

  Low and behold, 13 miles from home my gracious neighbor showed up with frosty beverages and we finished the ride out in total darkness, it was still 52 degrees at 6 pm,  AWESOME! Get out and ride a bike, I don't know about you, but it makes me SMILE!