Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spirit of the Wild!

 Besides cycling out west, there is some some prime hunting out here and this time of year it's not uncommon to go down town for a bite and a brew and be surrounded by guys wearing blaze orange and camo. My oldest son has traded in his Gary Fisher for a Benelli and much like Squirrel from Dead Moines or the Nuge from the Motor City, he has the Spirit of the Wild inside of him!

 He's keeping it real with buddies leaving the house at 4 am and coming home with ducks and venison backstraps, 100% organic eats here that's good for the soul! These pics are the results of today's hunt, morning and evening, his mom must have taught him the multi tasking!

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MG said...

Nice... Look how Tate is eyein' those Mallards. He totally thinks those are his, doesn't he?