Saturday, November 29, 2008

Father son time!

 Today was spent with youngest son Lane out at Potters Pasture for a day of mountain biking, some GREAT memories made today, nice when we got there but turned cold & blustery about halfway through,  got around 10 miles in, legs felt a little heavy by the end pushing my 32/18 gearing, didn't phase the youngster though, he just kept climbing & climbing & climbing...same gearing...ah...YOUTH!

Break time on a sunny, southern slope

Wonder if I'll EVER be able to beat this guy?

Potter's  version of Joe's out at Fruita, I love this trail down the exposed spline.

DON'T try this at home kids!

Yeah, Lane does his own stunts!


I believe the smiles on this kid's face are two-wheeled induced, he has 3 bicycles, one unicycle, one skateboard and no X box, Playstation or wii, some may say, poor kid, I say LUCKY bugger! The smiles definitely rub off on me to  when I'm riding a bike, regardless if it's fat tires, skinny tires, dirt trails, gravel roads or asphalt highways and it's even better when shared with family and like-minded friends. Go ride a bike and let the SMILES begin!

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Grumpy said...

looks like you had a lot of fun with Lane yesterday. New motto
"Potters Pasture it keeps family's together".