Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a dog's life!

I've heard the term often but I have to wonder what is meant by it, I guess it depends on the dog we're talking about. In this case it's our dog Tate. Our "pint sized pointer" is a Brittney and the perfect cycling companion for a daily 5-6 mile ride before work. He's convinced me to ride when others couldn't, as many as 110 days straight in fact before taking a one day break on a very rainy day.

 His hobbies include pointing birds, treeing squirrels, sniffing roadkill, making restrained dogs jealous and running alongside my singlespeed bike. He's truly a character and keeps the family entertained on a daily basis. If I had to live "a dog's life" I'd want Tate's for sure!

Scouting for birds and critters off our deck.

You know what they say about athletes, lots of good rest. Post-ride nap time.

  Yeah, he's got his own Cars R Coffins waterbottle!


MG said...

That is one happy dog... I love dogs that drink from water bottles. Tate's a keeper! Congratulations!


Llama said...
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Llama said...

That's one cool dog, Matt. I wish I could get mine to run with the bike without getting distracted by cows. Hope you enjoyed the last of the warm days for the year.

Deadhead said...

Isn't that the water bottle you let me borrow at the Five-O?

paxtoncoyote said...

It's OK dennis, you're like family too! LOL!