Sunday, November 2, 2008

Indian summer ride

Not often you get to ride a bike in 70 degree weather in Nebraska in November, but I took advantage of it and got almost 60 miles in today, mostly gravel, about 25 miles following a major canal system that feeds water to a major power plant.

  The power plant is HUGE and can be seen for miles away, a sure landmark to use and not get lost if your not a local. One shot heading east, the other one looking back west.

  Pretty fancy sign for poor old dirt farmers!

   Finally heading into some scenic country here, dropping down the road to Birdwood  Creek.

   This is a clear, fast running stream that originates clear up in the middle of the sandhills as a natural spring. It then feeds into the North Platte river.

  A few locals were out wondering exactly what I was up to.

  This is a really neat road any time of the year.

 This bridge is one of only 2 left in the state, sadly it's scheduled to be demolished in '09 and replaced, we ride road bikes over it a lot and go 20 miles north into the sandhills, I thought I should get some photos while I still can.

  It's getting late, sun is setting, what a beautiful day to be out on a bike!

  Low and behold, 13 miles from home my gracious neighbor showed up with frosty beverages and we finished the ride out in total darkness, it was still 52 degrees at 6 pm,  AWESOME! Get out and ride a bike, I don't know about you, but it makes me SMILE!


Guitar Ted said...

Matt, great stuff here. I like the road you used fo your header. The bridge thing is a shame! Makes me wonder why thy feel like it has to go when it looks okay to me, but I guess they have their reasons.

Deadhead said...

Matt I agree that is a great picture and congrats on the 58 miles. Is that a Redline I see sitting along with the monkey? Nice write-up and can't wait to see the next adventure, maybe I'll be along for the ride.

CQ said...

Matt, you rock you dirty roadie !!! Grat stuff man !!!

paxtoncoyote said...

Dennis, that is Kendell's Redline that he blew the dust off of to make the beer run for me, talk about hitting the spot! Stage 2 of this ride will go down this Sunday, basically the same as we did this spring, maybe a detour or two, weather permitting, let me know if you want in, maybe you can ride a Karate Monkey we now have here if I get it okayed, be the perfect chance to spend some quality time rolling 29er's!

MG said...

Wow... Matt, great story and photos. Thanks for taking the time to chronicle your journey and congratulations on getting to spend these last few incredible November days pedaling your bike through the hills. Nebraska gravel can be so amazingly beautiful in every season, but fall is the best time of year for ridin' bikes, without a doubt. We've had a really good one this year too...

I'm looking forward to getting out and riding with you soon, and to working with you on the Big Wheel Ballyhoo at Potter's Pasture in October of '09. That's gonna' be an awesome event for the area and I'm stoked that you guys are getting a good crew of rippers out there, because the terrain you have to ride is first-class. I can't wait to see the new stuff that you've added since I last rode Potters... It's gonna' be awesome!

Man, I wish the weather was gonna' be better this weekend... heh heh.


kgillil said...

Surprise!! I checked this out before I will leave for our most prestigious jobs!!

I love the pictures of Tate!! Keep them coming!

onewhorides said...

Matt great pictures, sorry I'm so late getting my message on. Ride on!