Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nice evening gravel grind

Been riding at dusk lately to get out of the heat of the day, Jessie ahead dropping into the North Platte river valley down the big hill.

Heading west into the sunset trying to keep up with the geared, pink bike.

Some old-school retro bar ends made their way off my old Trek onto the Salsa bars on my Karate Monkey, I've missed these things & regardless of how dorky they may look I think they will stay on here awhile as I love the options it gives me, not only on the climbs but just for riding along. They're a GREAT combo with the Ergon grips I use, I believe my bike can now be called "Bullwinkle" as it looks like a big, brown moose!

Vino & Pizza!

We have PIZZA in Paxton at the 5 Trails Winery in a wood fired outdoor oven baked on stones
Thin crusts & gourmet ingredients, this is GOOD STUFF!
What better way to spend a Friday night in small-town USA than pizza & wine