Sunday, May 23, 2010

Base miles!

That's what I've been up too lately, sorry, no pics as it's been on skinny tires down the blacktop, not many interesting things to see so I don't usually take the camera. Tonight was good though as Jessie & I left home at 6:00pm to try to make it to Lewellen, 52 miles west before dark, had to pull the plug 10 miles short though due to DARKNESS! Oldest son came & picked us up but before he arrived we watched a spectacular thunderstorm brew in the southeast.

Another 100 miles & I've got more miles in than I rode the entire year of '09, not sure why I'm pushing it more this year, I have nothing in mind (ok, I've got a couple of twisted ideas in mind for later on!) but no races planned, no BRAN or RAGBRAI. It just feels good to be out again riding more miles after a rather stressful year last year of learning a new job & getting in the swing of things.

The Fargo build is advancing at a snail's pace but that's alright as I think once it's done my other bikes will be collecting dust, but still looking forward to getting it decked out & pointed towards ADVENTURE! Meanwhile, "ride & smile"!