Sunday, December 7, 2008

Culture in a small town

 It's crazy that a small town like ours can support 3 bars but now they have some culture to compete with in the form of a brand new winery. Welcome 5 Trails Winery! It's amazing what a very old building has been transformed into, VERY NICE & a welcomed change of pace in a small town such as ours!

 To help celebrate this culture coming to town & have an enjoyable afternoon with friends we'll be hosting a Wine & Gravel Ride December 21 at 2 pm MT, meet up to ride 15 miles of gravel despite the weather then go to the winery for a tasting & some fellowship. If you don't want to ride then you can meet up with us there.


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5 trails vintner said...

Looking forward to filling our winery with "Bikers"! Thank you for the plug Paxton Coyote, I will not be able to join you on that date, Christmas Plans with the wifes family but my brother will here to serve all of you.


5 trails vintner