Sunday, March 22, 2009

All dressed up...

  And someplace to go, 2009 Prom to be exact, what a weekend, up for 22 hours straight for me & I'm not even a kid! 

 Our prom crew Lane, Dakota & Delley ready to put on the ritz for the night.  Two tux rentals & a prom dress would have been a nice down payment for my dream bike but these memories will last way longer than any bike or bike ride for that matter, I wouldn't miss these years for nothing!
Oldest son Delley & his prom date Stephanie from North Platte.

 Freshman son Lane & his date Paige from Lincoln.

The lovely Dakota & her boyfriend Tayler from Ogallala, once again she's a "Belle of the Ball"

This is the girl Lane wanted to take, another Taylor but unfortunately she's not a freshman yet.

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