Sunday, October 11, 2009

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo Blues!

It was good while it lasted & then mother nature decided it needed to end! I went out on Friday for about 6 hrs. got a little ride in with my buddy Paul "the Furnaceman" (thanks for entertaining the troops with your guitar) & had to return for the kids' homecoming & that's when the weather turned. Woke up Sat am to 12-14" of snow so didn't make it back, I guess a few stuck it out & one of the best reports is at I'm glad those that showed up had fun & had the window of time that they did to enjoy it.

You can see more pics at too. Thanks to all who helped to make it happen, Chad, Kyle & Paul for the endless hours of trail work, G-Ted for originating the concept & contributing to all things 29" in the bike world, MG for coming down & taking care of lining up donations, Buck for mowing, all the donors, sponsors, George & Patty for your years of mentoring the new cyclists in the area & the kick ass rides & events you help organize & last but not least, Mr. Steve Potter for letting many a motley crew show up & play in his pasture on any given day, thank you all!

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