Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daily dose of Vitamin G...gravel goodness!

with temps hitting 50 what's a person to do? go for a bike ride of course!
I almost feel guilty posting a pic of pristine gravel like this knowing that just a few hours east of here the folks are still riding in crap.

apparently we even have palm trees growing around here now it's so balmy!

very little ice left in the North Platte river

these old buildings always remind me of the Kansas song "Dust in the Wind"

the coolest sighting today besides racing & losing to a few mule deer running alongside me in the road ditch were these Trumpeter Swans, they took me by surprise in a little spring running along the road ditch & by the time I got the camera out they took flight, luckily they made a pass back by me & I snapped this while riding, these are really cool birds to watch & listen too & they're usually found a little further north on the Sandhills lakes so they really surprised me at first, their wingspan can spread to 6'-7' & the sound they make is almost eery, very cool to see this close to home. I'm also spotting my fair share of Bald Eagles which is always neat to see, get out for a bike ride & see what's out there waiting for YOU!

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