Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wellfleet mt bike race

Saturday was the resurection of the Wellfleet Fall Festival mt bike race, I guess this was a big deal for a number of years back in the 80's-90's then it died out & 2010 they decided to bring it back, Jessie & Lane decided to try it & Olivia & I were the designated domestique's

Not a huge showing but 11 adventurous souls lined up for the start on main street for a 1.75 mile gravel (half of that up a big hill) to hit singletrack cow trails in the canyons

this was the terrain of the race with a lot of switchbacks, ups & downs with some bike portages much like Potter's Pasture & basically the same canyons, just a little further to the west

Lane ripping it up on one gear & rigid getting ready to hit the off-road section, he finished 2nd overall

Dennis "Deadhead" Phillips also on one gear & don't let him fool you, he's also mt bikin' maniac, taking 3rd place overall

Paul Brasby hitting the trail, Paul helps out a lot to get new folks into cycling regardless of what type, he can be found out on the road on skinny tires or out at Potter's on any given weekend trimming, mowing or doing trail maintenance before he rides & he helps organize some "for fun" races out at Potter's that people always have a blast at.

Tate taking in the race from a vantage point on top, he was born in these parts just to the southeast of here, wonder if he remembers "the old country"

this is Kara Sandman & she's fairly new to mt bikin', notice the smile on her face, funny how a bike will do that to a person, Kara did well until her chain broke, better luck next time!

the course went down this canyon then back up towards that windmill in the center
for a total of 10 miles round trip

Jessie getting ready to bomb back downhill to town for the overall women's win, GREAT JOB!

even the Wellfleet post office was in the cycling spirit

after race war stories, l-r, Lane Bergen, Paxton, Dennis Phillips, NP, Todd Tvrdik, Kearney (overall winner) & Paul Brasby, NP.
I think this race has some potential to grow again with some input from some mt bikers & maybe some help with the course & the length/layout, it would be cool to have a mt bike race every year here again this close to home & actually get some more riders to show up to support it, we'll see how it goes!


Deadhead said...

Great write up...the only thing missing Saturday was the coyote on his monkey. You better toe the line next year. If we help with the course layout next year I will know what gear to run. However it didn't seem to matter to Lane...he has some more podium time in his future.

paxtoncoyote said...

I'm afraid if I'd a tried it this year it would have turned out like my Dakota 5-o race a couple years ago, & you were there to know how that turned out!

Hey next time we get together remind me to tell you about my monday night I just got through, it involved bikes, beer & bloodshed, no broken bones or trip to the hospital but it was pretty crazy for starting out an innocent booze cruise on bikes!

I can honestly say some of my fondest memories of life someday will ALL be based around bikes & the crazy things done on them, I'm really getting to old for what went down tonight but DAMN was it FUN!

aluminumcowboy said...

This was a nice write up paxton coyote. I was surprised to hear the coyotes howling from what sounded like inside the city limits just prior to the race. I as well am going to offer a little more help to Jodi and Lyle in getting a more attractive race put together next year. It would be nice to see them sanction it to reserve a spot on the calendar. Fewer dismounts would be much more appreciated. Not sure how limited they are to going around some of those 30-40% grades. Keep the rubber side down!