Thursday, June 16, 2011

Against the Wind!

a cloudy, windy day a few weeks back found Lane & I back on the canal road riding straight into a 30 mph headwind for 15 miles RATHER than putting the wind at our backs like some roadies do! I was hearing Bob Seger in the back of my head singing "Against the Wind"

the secret is out & we are now having to share our pristine backroads with RUNNERS! What the $@#*!! Oh well, may need to make exceptions now & then, this gal had to be training for something as she was a long way from her destination & had a blistering pace.

got to the end of the canal & threw in the towel on the dang wind & headed up this paved road that has a HUGE climb to get back on some more G-roads to point it back east to home

with the wind now at our backs for 15 miles we made some awesome time back home sometimes reaching gravel speeds upwards of 25 mph, another GREAT gravel ride with my son on the backroads & it's funny I just noticed that in all these pics for 30 miles he was AHEAD of me...GO FIGURE!!!

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Tex69 said...

times change. I'm afraid (not really) of riding with my 15yr-old cross-country running son. I can't imagine what the strength-to-weight would look like.