Saturday, May 2, 2009

A day well spent!

 What better way to spend a day than hammering some trails at Potter's pasture with like-minded friends, not a large group for the annual spring gathering but the trails were in great shape & just a little sprinkle towards the end of the ride. The guys who spend every weekend there have got the place in fine shape for riding & camping as well as new signage going up, a fellow from Aspen, CO was even riding there this am, what the...!

My son Lane on the left & Dennis "Deadhead" in the middle proved they're a couple of singlespeed, billy goat climbin' freaks. New guy Jesse on the right may become a "regular" after today, good to have another new face at the pasture!


Deadhead said...

It was great to ride some single track with the Paxton crew, oh and thanks for the good beer.

paxtoncoyote said...

Was great getting a ride in with you after all winter Dennis, we really need to do it more often, gravel, road, Potter's, whatever, let's just get together & RIDE!

You're climbing was GREAT out there, must have been that sweet, new Fat Cyclist jersey! Can't wait to see you rolling 29er's someday.