Sunday, May 17, 2009

The good 'ol days!

 They don't build them like this anymore. I saved these 2 old sweet rides from the scrap iron wrath this week, I don't think the blue one will live to roll again as it's got a cracked frame, instead it will live it's life out in one of Jessie's flower beds as a yard ornament, we just want to find an old basket to put on it to put a pot of flowers in.

This classic may get a full restoration though as it fits Jessie well & I think it will make a sweet grocery-getter for her. I'd like to find out about sandblasting it, re-painting or even powder coating it, re-chrome the chrome, maybe some wooden fenders & wicker baskets hanging off the rear rack & a Brooks leather saddle & grips, HMMMM...wonder if it will have to be pink?

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