Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Different spokes for different folks!

 There's so many forms of cycling, mtb, road, joy-riding around town with the kids, competitive racing, fitness, touring, etc. but last Thursday night I run into some folks who were on the road, on bikes, living for Christ with no real destination in mind. There were 3 men & 3 women & I'm not up on all the different religions but by the way they were dressed I'm guessing Quakers, long skirts, smocks down to the knees, long pants, bonnets, wool caps, beards on the men, waist length hair on the women, all wearing sandals & everything they owned was packed on their bikes as that was home for them.

 I escorted them south of town to some ponds at 10:00 at night to find a secluded campsite & you would have thought I'd given them a suite at a Holiday Inn for night, very grateful. The next morning at 6:30 they were gone & this note was scratched in the road "Thank You & God Bless" I did however catch up to them in one of our parks cooking breakfast & waiting on some more of their own to catch up from the east, it was there that I gave them some homeade cookies that Jessie had made the night before & again, very grateful.

 It's really had me thinking since running into them the level of commitment it must take to live this style of life, one guy said this has been his life since 1983.  What a challenge it must be living that way every day, not knowing what the weather will be, who or what you'll meet up with, where your next meal will come from, WOW, I thought finishing the Dakota 5-o was a challenge, I wonder how long I could last at this lifestyle! 

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