Thursday, June 18, 2009


The Tour Divide that is, the toughesst bike race EVER! Started last Friday in Banff, Canada & ends whenever in Antelope Wells, NM for those lucky enough to finish, this event is MY Super Bowl of the year, got to admit, I could care less for football unless my son is playing it & this stuff is just to damn good NOT to follow along, I especially like listening to the podcasts & following the spots.
I've always rooted for Dave Nice who is a fixie ridin' freak & is doing it on his own this year south to north, so for the north to south race I'm cheering for Joe Meiser, Jill Homer & Jay & Tracey Petervary (pictured with the tandem above) it's hard to believe how grueling this race must be on the mind, body & spirit, I'm definitely an armchair Tour Divide fan because I'm pretty sure the odds of me ever trying something of this magnitude are slim to none, best of luck to all the divide racers wherever you may be tonight!


Matt said...

Can't believe they're doing the TD on a tandem - that would be a ride. Try transferring the SPOT positions to Google Earth - much better satellite images.

Cornbread said...

That pic rox! Those two are an inspiration.