Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Local legend

I've heard stories of this giant old blowout near where I live for years & finally paid it a visit. A blowout is formed in the Sandhills of Nebraska from years of wind blowing unstable, sandy soil & perhaps a few too many cows grazing & tromping the grass,think of a giant cereal bowl of sand getting an air compressor hose blown in it, this one has been taken care of over the years & the grass is now flourishing in it again

this former blowout is large enough it's easily visible on google earth, if you know where to look

this is on the south end looking back north from on top of the big dirt pillar in the next photo

this dirt pillar kind of reminded me of a miniature Chimney Rock, near Scottsbluff, NE

still rockin' the bikepacking set-up & it's working GREAT!

Dirt iceberg?

how do you like your singletrack? "I'll take mine poached, thank you very much"

now part of the local legend is that there was an old cave dug into a dirt bank in this area back in the days of prohibition hiding a working still, I don't think this would be unheard of from the stories I've heard about some of the more colorful characters in this area in those days (heck, could even happen around here today) after all, this IS the WILD WEST!

evidence perhaps?

prairie moonrise, not gonna lie folks, that line of car headlights is westbound I-80 traffic Sunday night after Thanksgiving, this place is THAT close, hard to believe that because once you're down inside the middle of it, it's peaceful & quiet, another trivial fact is that this thing is smack dab on the edge of the original Pony Express Trail according to more local legend, DANG, just when I thought I was running out of new places to explore, what's next?


Deadhead said...

When are you taking the rest of us on a tour of all these hidden trails around Paxton?

paxtoncoyote said...

Anytime you show up ready to ride to adventure I'm ready to play tour guide, of course we may have to do a follow up at 5 Trails Winery or the Windy Gap to discuss our history lessons for the day!

CQ said...

Looks very interesting Mr.Coyote !!I would be up for it sometime .

Llama said...

Consider me ready for adventure . . .