Saturday, January 29, 2011

Farewell for now my friend!

Some people judge their life's wealth on material things, others judge it by their family & friends, that's the category I fall into. Now if you judge my wealth by the number of friends I have, I'm very poor because I don't claim to have many close friends BUT the quality of those friends is VERY HIGH, making me a very wealthy man!

My friends are usually like-minded individuals with whom I share common interests with & the first time I met Dennis, we seemed to just click! I believe we met out at Potter's Pasture maybe in '04-'05 & this guy was rockin' a singlespeed bike, COOL, as I myself had my eye on one & ended up getting it in the spring of '06, all the while still meeting up with Dennis on occasions to grind out a few miles at Potter's, or perhaps some skinny-tired road miles up to Lake McConaughy & back or north to McPherson Co.

or perhaps it was a last minute whim to go race the Dakota 5-o with NO training on my part, but hey...hell yes I'll go as it was time spent with a GOOD BUDDY riding bikes, drinking a few beers & having fun! The real reward for that race was having Dennis waiting at the finish line with a cold PBR for a LOOONG time as, well, I think I hold the record for the longest finish time in the history of that race, BUT I FINISHED!

The gravel road rides, the last minute poaching of a day of RAGBRAI, didn't matter WHAT type of bike riding we did together as it's all good between friends.

Well, Dennis has pulled the plug on western Nebraska & was loaded up headed west yesterday & called me to meet up & say good-bye, ironically I was 10 miles west of home starting another one of my off the wall adventure rides so I waited for him to come by to say our farewells, was glad we could hook up one last time for sure, even if we didn't get one last ride in together.

I say farewell for now as Dennis says he'll be back to visit & ride more miles with me, but more than likely it will be ME that wants to go & visit him in his new digs, you see, Dennis has moved to Grand Junction, CO, NEED I SAY MORE! So, farewell for now my friend, but I can assure you we will spin tires together again & I wish you & your family ALL THE BEST!

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Deadhead said...

Thanks Matt...our adventures together on two wheels are definitely not over...and the next time we do the 5-O we are crossing the line together. Take care Coyote and thanks again for everything!