Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today's gravel ride...

...not quite pudding, more like angel food cake!

this fencepost snowman was in his element as it was plenty cool

a new little windmill that I've probably rode by 100 times & never bothered stopping to take a pic, that dark line behind it is a UP railroad track so my next goal is to get a pic of a train going by the windmill

as usual youth kept the pace a little on the high side

I didn't do to bad to hold my own...for an old guy!

weapon of choice, the faithful Karate Monkey, tried & true

and now...our national bird!

had to stop for a fuel stop by the river bank & that little thermos full of hot chocolate really hit the spot, thanks to my folks for getting that for my birthday last month, VERY HANDY!

the perfect spot for a re-fuel stop, beats a Quick Stop!

a little less than favorable conditions for gravel riding again but worth trying again & bumped the miles up from yesterday & with Lane along for company it was another good day of memory making

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