Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Deadhead Tribute Tour"

After saying farewell to my buddy Dennis "Deadhead" a few weeks ago I left on my 2 wheeled singlespeed wonder on the ride that I had hoped he would be along for, unfortunately it didn't work out that way for his schedule & I fully understand that with the stress of moving & starting a new job.

Anyways, what was to be a mixture of dirt/gravel roads quickly turned into this road above, what's an adventure cyclist to do? EXIT, STAGE LEFT!

find some pristine cow trail & start bushwacking through the hills...UNTIL

...I was forced to drop back into the dreaded dirt road/mudslide, this is where it got interesting for the rest of the decent

I finally hit the level valley floor again & decided a safety break was in order with a pull of Maker's Mark from the Surly "safety" flask, yes Dennis, right back there in those trees to the right of that flask is the elusive hobo camp we were to hang out at one last time, it will be another time when & if you ever visit these desolate wastelands again. That pull of Kentucky's finest was in honor of YOU my friend, with a tear in my eye!

with the safety break tribute drink out of the way I got on some more sketchy gravel road along the canal as the sun was setting to point it home 12 miles away

a time to reflect on a great friendship with some great cycling miles over the last few years

looking north as darkness was falling I couldn't help but remember our ride through those very hills up there a couple of summers ago which ended up at the Windy Gap for burgers & beers & wonder if our next ride may end up at the Hot Tomato Cafe in downtown Fruita for pizza & beer, here's hoping on my part!

Thanks for the miles & memories Dennis, at least the local ones here that I can re-live with many of my future rides & here's to our future rides together when I come west or you come back east, CHEERS BUDDY!

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Deadhead said...

Dude...thanks for the friendship and the great tribute. But it will not be the last you have seen of me...and I will make it to the hobo camp. However...me and whiskey don't mix too well...make a rum or tequila for that flask. That fargo looks awesome and dropping into the buffalo run is a sweet pic! See ya soon Coyote...happy trails!