Sunday, March 20, 2011

Local legend re-visited

with beautiful balmy temps on a Sunday afternoon what's a bike rider to do? GET OUT!

my new Salsa Fargo is shaping up to be the PERFECT platform for some of my off the wall rides that tend to wonder "off the beatin' path"

today my neighbor Kendell & I decided on some canal miles with a side trip to our local famous blowout which after a little more research appears to have been formed by hundreds of thousands of buffalo cutting through here many years ago to head to water in the South Platte river about a mile to the north, making this Paxton's very own "buffalo trace" which also happens to be the name of a DAMN FINE bourbon from Kentucky, making it kind of ironic that the local legend is there used to be some moonshining going on back here in some caves

I imagine horses would look a little more appropriate here but the Fargo & Kendell's GIANT TCX seemed to do the trick just as well!


back on canal gravel in the North Platte river valley

canal bridge safety break, what a GREAT loop, south valley to north valley with an off-road detour AND a history lesson, with the new bike I'm pretty sure there will be many more of these local adventures as well as some in other far flung places in the future. Get out & ride a bike & make some good times happen!

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