Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fine tuning, a history lesson & one CRAZY DOG!

Been riding the heck out of the new fargo & tweakin' it some, including the new bar end caps compliments of 5 Trails Winery in downtown Paxton, their Zorx brand caps they use to bottle wine are the ticket for drop, wrapped bars & are FREE after buying, opening & drinking 2 bottles of wine!

Sunday Lane & I went 12 miles west for a Keith Co. history lesson of this old building which is called the Cider Mill, used to set on old Highway 30 or the Lincoln Highway about 5 miles west of Paxton where it was the office for a gas station & they sold cherry & apple flavored cider buy the glass or jug to weary travelers stopping for gas, a friend of ours salvaged it from demolition & turned it into a garden shed years ago, funny part is my folks remembered it from when they drove through here in 1952 on their honeymoon to Yellowstone! the spindle holding the windmill blade is from an old Model A, great to see this old stuff being preserved & actually knowing the story behind it.

And our crazy dog Tate wants to take up spelunking I believe as he's been practicing getting into some really tight spots for napping lately, what entertainment he brings us!

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Dakota said...

Man Tate reminds me just of Isa, trying to 'hide'!
nice pictures dad! Can't wait to enjoy these ride with you this summer!