Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Into the great wide open"

on the venue for Saturday was more backroad base miles & the weather was perfect though overcast all day, I quit using an I-pod quite awhile back as I like to hear what's going on around me & today it was meadowlark's welcoming in the balmy temps. but it seems I always get a song stuck in my head for the whole ride, today it was Tom Petty's "Into the great wide open...under a sky of blue...a rebel without a clue" however it goes, anyways that seemed like an appropriate song for the ride

this is a grove of Cottonwood trees & what's odd is they are in the middle of nowhere out in the hills & there used to be a whole bunch of platform nests in them during the summer that were used for Blue Herons nesting, I always thought this was odd until reading up on Herons & learning that this is pretty common for them to raise their young away from the water that they spend most of their lives wading in.

the first of several cattle guard crossings

these guys came up to the road to check me out on the way by

these backroads have this effect on me!

a sign of things to come?

YEP! these kids were in a playful mood & wanted to race to!

the Fargo launches across these!

I've always had a problem staying hydrated with just plain old water & am trying this MIO stuff & in the peach tea flavor it is great, just a few drops in a bottle & you're good to go


I love these signs & the roads that are ahead of them!

the new Jandd Mt. handlebar pack holds the right amount for a day trip like this

lunch with a view on the North Platte river bridge

back on the north canal to head it home from Keystone just as the wind really came up into my face! the canal is running full bore right now to so it's wise to pay attention. another great day on the bike, ended up with 40 miles & can't wait to ride this route again.


Deadhead said...

Another nice write up Coyote...I am jealous you are getting all these miles in. I took out the road bike today...felt so weird in the flare and way too deep. Probably get laughed out of town for having woodchippers on a Merckx but it is tempting.

paxtoncoyote said...

I'm totally digging the Woodchippers & just starting to dig the Thudbuster, that is taking a little longer to get used to as it constantly feels like a low back tire but it really is noticeable on the lower back.

Woodchippers on the Merckx, hummmm, what type of tire clearance you got? HaHa, may be a gravel slaying machine yet, I'm sure Eddy bounced down his share of cobblestones before, he'd be proud!