Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full moon fever!

 HOOOOWWWWL at the moon! Overcast sky but still bright enough for a night ride around 10:00 pm.  Rode the north canal to the west to the "old country" where we stopped for a New Belgium Abbey, 36 degrees out & a PERFECT night to be riding bikes, only time we had to turn the lights on was on the co. rd. & only met one car in 15 miles.
 Is it an alien or one of those glow in the dark Halloween costumes? Nope, just Kendell in his new Cannondale cycling jacket.
 This 'ol Coyote had to sit & take a break after howling at the moon!
 Our trusty, stealthy steeds patiently waiting to take us back home along the canal check, what a GREAT ride, I envy anyone who doesn't ride a bike! Daytime, night-time, long rides, short rides, fat tires, skinny tires, gravel, blacktop, it's all FINE! Folks, if you can ride a bike, get out there & DO IT, I doubt you'll regret it!

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