Saturday, June 26, 2010

Long-haul truckers!

Meet Marcus & Dirk from Orlando, FL who my wife met at our local grocery store Fri. pm & invited them to hang out with us for the evening as the temps for cycling were nearly unbearable. They took us up on it & checked out the local swimming pool then we showed them some good ol' Nebraska hospitality by grilling them some steaks & bar-hopping with them in our bustling little town (we hit all 3 bars in an hour!)

Anyways, did I mention they were cycling? Yeah they sure are, from Florida to Alaska! They started mid May & are well over 2000 miles, follow their journey at we kept them out a little late but they were early risers as they were gone this morning when we got up to start breakfast, sorry we missed you guys, best of luck in your journey & if you're ever back through stop & see us. Hope you made Bridgeport today like you planned, truly inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Glad I finally got to get online and read some of your blog! We're finally taking an actual rest day here in Casper, Wyoming. Tomorrow we've got another long day planned but this time we're getting up and LEAVING at sun rise. The winds down here are incredible, tail wind one moment and then a relentless head wind the next. We're betting on the fact that the wind will be a bit died down in the morning b.c the trend seems to be that it blows harder down here in the late afternoons. Anyway, I hope everything is going good! I'll keep up with your adventures. I've been inspired by your off road mountain biking and your favorite sporting event. It might be something that I can work toward! Whats life without a few big goals anyway right? haha

Tell everyone hi for me! - Dirk B

paxtoncoyote said...

Dirk, been following your progress as well, man you guys are already a long ways away from Paxton! I just saw a loaded down cycler pull in front of one of the bars downtown here before I came home for lunch & thought of you guys, I wonder if he needs a shower or laundry done or a backyard to pitch his tent in?

Anyways best of luck on the remainder of your trip & be careful out there!