Monday, June 7, 2010

Safety in numbers!

sunday some friends of ours were coming through on a self-contained 4 day bike tour up to follow the BRAN(Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska) ride for one day so after lunch at the Windy Gap with them we joined them for a nice ride to Lake McConaughy where they were going to camp for night before heading north on monday to Hyannis where BRAN was stopping for the night


this was the reward once we arrived at the lake, REAL malts, MMM!

this was the establishment that had those malts & may be a new bike riding destination on the east side of Martin Bay

this shot would have been mostly sand this time of year last year but Martin Bay is filled back up, highest water levels in 10 years

this is when it got crazy, Lane & I decided we were up for an adventure again & I think those crazy Lincolnites inspired this. Road bikes on gravel, yes folks, very skinny, smooth, high-pressure tires on loose gravel for 14 miles & an approaching storm behind us!

focus Lane, focus!

ride & smile!

this was the cyclocross, sandtrap hazard & Lane handled it well. That is the canal flowing overhead back there across that canyon, yep, a bridge FOR water!

Ridin' the storm out!
eight miles to go & we just started getting wet the last couple miles, the gravel on skinny tires was crazy & we could feel the workout of keeping it upright in our arms & shoulders, good time though with 50 miles in round trip. Come join us sometime for a cycling adventure, you never know what we've got up our sleeve!

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