Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ride in peace Dave Blumenthal

I've been a Tour Divide fan now for around 4 years or more & it's crazy how one becomes a huge fan of a person I've never met in my life through their personal blog & other sites like Well that's what happened when I started following Dave Blumenthal from Vermont, he's the type of guy I would of loved to met face to face & maybe pedal a few miles with, unfortunately Dave's life was cut short last Thurs following a tragic accident while racing the Tour Divide.

This type of news really hits hard for all the fans & especially the racers I'm sure, Dave leaves behind a wife & young daughter who need all your prayers right now to get through this. Puts that race in perspective & what the riders face out there on their journey to try to complete this thing, be careful out there folks & ride in peace Dave.

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