Sunday, August 15, 2010

Made in Sweden

here it is Dakota, your homework assignment for dad while your in Sweden! My neighbor had this laying around & we got to talking about it & he gave it to me.

it's a Primus No. 71 brass camping/backpacking stove in a self-contained container that acts as a pot holder

has an adjustment key attached to a small brass chain

I'd like to know what type of gas it burns, how it lights & if it's safe to use. It appears to be from the 1950's or so, a really neat stove, just wonder if it's got any life left in it.


Dakota said...

I will call you soon, to let you know what I found out!
Love you miss you Dad!!

paxtoncoyote said...

I'm mainly curious about what type of fuel it uses, I presume white gas/kerosene & how it lights & if it's still safe to use.

I think it would rock to pull out an old stove like this to do a boil up of tea & pasta out in the woods!

Dakota said...

No gas is used, just a liquid called T- Red, if they don't have it at walmart, maybe I could send you some.

paxtoncoyote said...

Dakota, wouldn't be feasible to send & probably not legal to ship overseas, I believe denatured alcohol may be the same thing or perhaps white gas, I can get both locally, I may try to find out more on the stove off the internet.

jimmythefly said...

Any life left in it? My god, man, there are veritable online shrines devoted to this type of stove!

It's basically an update of one of these:

Check out the classic camp stoves website for more than you ever wanted to know about these:

paxtoncoyote said...

jimmy, WOW, thanks for the link even though that site is a little overwhelming the first time!

they don't like to give values I see but I may try to get some opinions on it & learn how to use it as it would be cool to put it into service, I presume regular old Coleman fuel works in it from what I've read.

Dakota said...

Better not sell this stove, before I get back!!