Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summertime staples!

Fresh salsa from the garden, unfortunately it arrived the weekend after Dakota left for Sweden, she was waiting for this stuff, don't worry Dakota, we'll get a salsa garden in for you next year, hopefully earlier so we can bring you some salsa along when we come pick you up from the airport!
Grillin' & chillin' with shrimp/beef kabobs & veggies along with my very own jalepeno poppers filled with cream cheese/montery jack cheese, cumin & garlic, bacon wrapped & grilled, watch out for the HOT ones!

this one is part of our Mennonite heritage, watermelon & roll kuchen with peanut butter frosting, think Indian fry bread with frosting, GREAT STUFF!

and finally, the first BLT of the summer with fresh tomatoes out of the garden along with "roastin' y'ars", potatoe salad & sweet tea, MMM! MMM! the joys of summer!


Dakota said...

Hey! Do me a favor- send me some of that salsa- and jalapeno poppers!! Oh- and that BLT!!
Dang I sure have had a lot of fish lately and could go for some hamburger!!
But I don't think i will every eat our cheese or bread again!! It is to good here in Sweden!!

paxtoncoyote said...

there's still velveeta!