Saturday, August 14, 2010

My new hero!

Here's my daughter Dakota & she's my new hero! For a long time now she's wanted to experience life in another country, but a simple couple week trip would not suffice for her, no siree, she wanted to learn the life, food, culture, history & eventually the language. Well with the help of a local rotary club about a year ago she started her journey!
I think the real journey started though on this day, July 28 when we drove her to Lincoln to put her on a jet, her first time flying by the way, to begin her journey for a year to Helsingborg, Sweden, where she will dive head first into learning their culture, I'm so proud of her & what she's doing I know this will be a life changing experience for ALL of us!

Mom had no worries at this point but that soon changed, & yes, even dad shed his share of tears!

luckily this wasn't the plane she had her first flight in!

This was the first one she flew in, Lincoln to Chicago, short layover before heading to Frankfurt, Germany then another layover before the final leg to Copenhagen, Denmark, then a ferry ride to Helsingborg, Sweden to her new home. Good luck Dakota, we all love you & miss you but can't wait to see where this takes you someday, & yes this blog may start getting some crazy posts on it besides cycling related issues because this will be a way for my daughter to see what her crazy dad & family is up to as well as some of the things she may miss, it will all be here next year when you get back Dakota, enjoy your experience!


Dakota said...

Thanks Dad, I hope to keep my blog updated as much as possible, so that you will know everything I am up to as well, I called Grandma yesterday, sad to hear that grandpa was gone, but she was very shocked to hear me, and I could tell she was very happy from that one 2 minute phone call. I hope to talk to you all soon- miss you and love you.

paxtoncoyote said...

Enjoy your stay & keep reaching for the stars, your year will go FAST! Then you'll be missing Sweden, & the bread, & the cheese, & the fish, & the.....