Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another memorable Potter's trip!

with the weather not being very typical for this time of year & a few folks wanting to pull another overnighter at Potter's pasture the only logical thing to do was to gather the camping gear & load the bike & "head east"!

what was to follow was an abbreviated tour of Ireland with a little Germany thrown in along with a seasonal tour through a pumpkin patch then back to Ireland for "Irish Car Bombs", thanks again to Gordon the "tour guide extraordinaire"!

no need for a tent this trip as my friend Paul "the Furnaceman" Siebert had plenty of room in his pyramid tent complete with wood stove for a cozy night when we finally did turn in around 2 am AFTER a little Canjo jamming (a banjo made from a tin can!) & some saltine crackers with kippered herring snacks, a long standing tradition in this tent!

besides providing lodging for the night Paul provided evening & morning entertainment as this is what he does for a living when not camping & cycling, here he is on Sat morn with his hammer dulcimer treating the breakfast club to some music

Paul has a HUGE library of songs floating around in his head along with a bunch of original tunes, chances are you can name a song & he can play it, especially some of the good ol' country tunes & hippy music, he also plays some classical music, Irish ballads & such on that hammer dulcimer that goes over well at some of the weddings he plays

special guest rider this time was my oldest son Delley who came out for night from college after work & he joined in on the Sat morning ride on my old TREK I brought out for him. He used to tear it up out here on a bike but it's been about 4 years since he's rode so I was glad to see him back on 2 wheels, notice the smile on his face, bicycle induced again!

another great night of camping & a morning ride followed by some corned beef hash & fresh elk steaks for lunch & it was back to "the real world"!

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Dakota said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Can't wait to come back out for those starry nights! Enjoy is before all the snow hits Paxton!