Sunday, November 14, 2010

The perfect windmill shot?

I don't claim to be a a professional photographer but it's something that I enjoy & if time & money were no issue I would dive into it a little deeper, but until then I'll keep clicking with my Olympus Stylus 850 SW & one of my favorite subjects have always been windmills.

with modern technology these days it seems even windmills in this part of the country are getting scarcer, people are replacing them with submersible wells & solar panels & such

kind of reminds me of 35 mm cameras getting replaced with digital, when my wife & I got married we bought a Canon Photura 35 mm camera & I eventually figured it out & took some bitchin' pictures with it over the years, now along comes new technology & this ol' coyote has to try & learn new tricks!

so maybe someday I'll learn this new camera & actually take some decent pics with it, then I suppose they'll come out with something else & I'll have to start over again!

until then I'll keep on exploring the backroads with my bike, looking west into the sunsets & trying to track down one last windmill for the "perfect windmill shot"

I'd like to dedicate this post to my daughter Dakota who is in Sweden for a year, living, learning & hopefully laughing plenty. Before she left we took some GREAT father/daughter bike rides & watched the sunsets over our prairie home, some days while riding all I can think about are those rides & how much I miss her but so glad she's having this opportunity & hoping she's enjoying the sunsets over in Sweden.

We will have more sunset rides when you return Dakota, I PROMISE! I love you & miss you!


Dakota said...

I hope so dad! I love you and miss you too!!
Great pictures by the way, some that would be great to show ├ůsa!

Jessie Bergen said...

I also think the windmill shots are nice. See I do check out your blog. Love you