Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lincoln Wheelmasters Cyclocross

the venue

give this guy some stylin' points!

Lane lining up with the Cat 4's sizing up the competition, perhaps wondering what he just got into.
this is wrong in soooo many ways but DAMN FUNNY just the same!

a sweet bike with a controversial past

Nate Woodman getting it done!

Corey "Cornbread" Godfrey, a legendary Lincoln pirate

the legendary Steve Tilford

Nate again using his skillz to pay the billz, watching his maneuvers on Hooligan Hill on Saturday was worth the trip to Lincoln all in itself, he's the only one that tries this AND pulls it off!

Corey on his sweet new ti Indy Fab cross bike showing how a pirate rides


Get back on & ride hard... a strong finish!

Grandpa & Grandma even showed up to brave the cold to see Grandson race & ...

...pull off another WIN!

what a day of GREAT cyclocross action & just hanging around a lot of folks who LOVE bikes, Lincoln has a GREAT cycling scene with some great shops, trails & riding & we had an awesome time, stay tuned for day 2 & the State Championship race day recap

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