Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cowbell continues! day two

the crowd gathering for day 2 cross action on Hooligan Hill

besides some really sweet, pimped out cross bikes

there was this SWEET rat ride cruiser

Cornbread on his way to sweet success

traffic jam in "the chute"

there's that dog again checking out what's cookin'

a little football between laps

background music compliments of CC Rider

"get it on, bang a gong, get it on"

what goes up must come down

this kind of puts the cowbells to shame!

top female Lincoln rider Sydney Brown chillin' on the hill after her race

cvo feeding the fire for more hot dog & bacon handouts

Lane back at it for his second day of racing

sportin' the bumble bee socks

get over & up it

and then down it

through the chute

he should have got extra points for stylin'

his efforts landed him in second place for day two, more loot!

MG showing more grace than a deer over that hurdle

and the only guy attempting to jump them was Nate, not quite spaced right for him to clear them both but he tried twice & it was an awesome sight to see his efforts put forth

it was all business for the elite's on this day as this was for the state championship

MG through the chute

cyclocross kicks ass & is a blast even as a spectator sport, I sure hope to be back on Hooligan Hill again next year at this time


Cornbread said...

Great pics! Thanks again for making the trip to Lincoln. Big congrats to Lane! We're all stoked that he enjoyed it. We need more young folks getting into the sport.

MG said...

Yeah... Good memories. We've had a lot of fun this season, haven't we? I was really glad to see Lane enjoy cyclocross as much as he did. He's got a lot of talent, so it's very cool to see how much he likes it too. And why not? Cross is fun! Bikes are fun!

I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with you and Lane on bikes in 2010!

Cheers, my Brothers,