Sunday, November 22, 2009


while there was a whole bunch of folks wearing red & congregating in downtown Lincoln for some reason, the COOL KIDS were watching cyclocross action on Hooligan Hill!

besides the cowbells there was this hanging bmx frame gong

the masters lining up...

...and their off!


come on know you want that hot dog!

the legendary Darkside

the Darkside's bob trailer cleverly converted to do double duty

that's my boy Lane taking off the line of his first ever cyclocross race, 3rd from the right

use your skillz to pay the billz!

lookin' purdy good!

by mid race he's the third one out overall & leading the junior division by a landslide

sprinting for the finish...

...for some 1st place loot!

the man, the myth, the legend, cvo

a honey with some money!

come on boys, don't be afraid to grab ya some of THAT!

UHHH...ok...if the first one's not your style then you can get ya some of this, & if you have your doubts about it, that was an Andrew Jackson to make it a little easier!

come on MG, you know you want to! LOL!

Cornbread getting some handouts

it's an excellent combo for cross racing, beats the hell out of those powerbars!

DUUUDE! Fire it UP!

doggone hot dog thievin' dog!

$$$ TREE

Cornbread rockin' the ss class

with a little help he's OFF!

Nate Woodman flying his own Monkey Wrench Cycles kit

yooou caaan dooo iiit!


need a break before finishing that last lap? Hooligan Hill is the place to do it! this was day one & Lane & I had so much fun we decided we better stay & do it again on Sunday, so stay tuned folks, we have more good stuff to come this week, don't want to drop the whole load in one sitting


MG said...

Awesome shots MB... It was great to see you and Lane this weekend. Lane rode awesome!! Congratulations!


CQ said...

Way to go Lane !!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Next time you guys are planning on being in town let me know and we'll get you on some of the trails.