Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Elusive hobo camp...FOUND!

An overcast, blustery day found me pedaling the canal, again, heading west.

the canal is barely knee deep this time of year for maintenance

this "Old Crow" apparently bit the "Bulleit"!

this is called the flume & it's where the canal crosses a large canyon, like a bridge for water, how ironic

this is a shot of the flume from the top side, years ago we had a couple of 2000# herd bulls get into a tangle about 1 mile upstream from this & one of them ended up in the canal & was unable to get out due to the steep, cement sides. The canal was running brim full & he went shooting through here like he was running the rapids, shortly after this the sides go back to rock sides & not as steep & he was able to climb out on his own, he immediately laid down in the middle of the road for the rest of the day, totally spent!

no room for error here as it's a long way down there!

got tired of fighting the wind & needed to head up a canyon to get out of it for awhile & "SCORE"...a great little hobo camp complete with picnic table, chairs, firewood, shovel, even a can of gas to start a girl scout fire!

this is looking straight up from where the firepit was & there's somebody taking up residence in that hole. We used to always see these holes in these canyons while horseback & one day I was curious as to what was doing all the white washing so I rode up to one on my horse & stood up on the saddle to peak inside, heard some hissing & once my eyes adjusted to the darkness in the hole saw a group of baby barn owls with mom & she was not happy, what was cool though is the entire hole was lined in fur from rabbits & whatever else mom brought home for the kids to eat, I remember my horse not being real impressed with the smell & the hissing of the owls but he tolerated it long enough for me to enjoy the moment.

these hobos apparently have good taste!

with fighting the wind I needed to re-fuel before my trip home

AHHH! the life of a hobo...good times indeed!


Deadhead said...

Hey nice find. Been riding the canal out this way and haven't anything that cool yet. You will have to give some of us a tour to the hobo camp one of these days.

paxtoncoyote said...

Good to see you getting acquainted with the canal system, some good miles there with minimum traffic, the hobo camp rocks & you really need to come out & ride here soon, although the next 2 weekends are out because of deer season, don't want to be caught out there on a brown bike then!

I'll be heading to Lincoln next weekend for the cross race with Lane, should be good times for sure.